Is this a distribution channel?

No - we are not a third party booking site. Only Sky provides a white-label software platform that is built directly into your website with your branding and links embedded throughout. Your customers would still go to your website to book your products and activities, and they would be booking it through the Only Sky one-page shopping cart experience. We also provide extensive functionality on the back end for managing scheduling, capacity, reporting, guest info, and more.

How long is the implementation phase for working with Only Sky?

Generally, we can have your white-label platform built, products built, ready to launch and accept bookings in as little as three days.

We sell a lot of different types of activities, will your platform be able to handle products such as multi-day or seasonal trips?

Our platform enables groups of any size to register for camps or events that are seasonal or repeating. We have a one-page shopping cart that allows customers to purchase time-based and non time-based products. The platform is extremely customizable and flexible, so we are able to work with our partners to provide necessary or unique products/packages as needed.

Can your solution also be used for online registration of Guides & instructors for things like payroll, and provide text and email communication with them?

Yes, each guide, instructor, staff member, etc., would have their own Only Sky account where they could login to request their schedules for the season, view their schedules and activity assignments, and interact with their customers. Each time your staff has a new activity assignment or anything changes in their schedule, they will receive notifications via text and/or email. You can also keep track of staff hours and run payroll reports that will indicate staff pay along with other financial functions. We have several other reporting and back end functions as well.

What types of companies do you currently partner with?

We work with a wide range of outdoor activity-based companies. From ski resorts and ski schools to heli operators, kayaking, mountain guiding, climbing, biking, rental shops, and tour operators.

What’s the first step to get started?

Contact us for a brief guided demo with one of our experts, and if you like the product, we’ll get you up and running in as little as 2-3 days.