It’s Time to Break the Wheel, Switch from Liftopia


For years you’ve paid high commissions, competed with Liftopia for your own customers, and left your guests struggling to book multiple products online. A new day is here, let’s break the wheel together.


zero commissions, Lowest card rates

Your tickets and passes are your products, it’s your revenue, we don’t try to take a slice from you. Switch from Liftopia and you’ll benefit from our industry low 1.8% credit card rate and 0% commissions. That’s all you’ll pay.

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We’re your ecommerce provider, not your competitor

Our goal is to maximize direct sales on your website with an easy to use eCommerce experience. Unlike Liftopia, our goal is not to drive customers to our own website to take even higher commissions on your products (note - you’re on our website now, we don’t resell our partner’s products!)

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Sell all of your products in one ecommerce platform

Tickets, season passes, ski school, summer activities, rentals, etc. Only Sky provides you with the right tools on the backend to comfortably sell more than just lift tickets online. Whether it’s selling a private lesson with a lift ticket, or a zip-line tour with a kid’s camp, we provide inventory management, time-based product sales, and more.

And the List Goes On…

  • Fully white-labeled into your website

  • Process refunds and modifications right through our user interface

  • Fully integrated into common POS systems, no manual data entry

  • We automatically deposit money into your bank account in as little as 2 days, no monthly checks in the mail

  • 100% customizable data collection from your eCommerce experience

  • Package products, recognize revenue across multiple departments, assign and manage lessons booked online

We’ll stop there for now, but click here to get in touch for more information, and we’ll show you why these ski areas and more across the country have already switched to Only Sky.

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