Jake graduated from Lafayette College with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. He joined Snowvation in 2017 as an undergraduate, and held the role of Business Development Intern. His initial time at Snowvation enabled him to understand the key functionality of the Snowvation platform and the value it delivered to partners. In this capacity, Jake worked alongside the core management team with both new and existing clients on deployment, training, and customer success. Splitting his time between participating in growth initiatives and product management, Jake gathered a strong understanding of ongoing needs from current and new Snowvation partners. During this time, he quickly realized his passion for technology and the exhilarating challenges of creating a successful product. 

Upon completing his internship, Jake joined the Snowvation team full-time as its first Product & Operations Manager. In this role, Jake oversees product development and works closely with the engineering and sales team to guide the Snowvation platform and keep its functionality on the front lines of innovation. Additionally, Jake oversees deployments, customer support and training. Outside of his work at Snowvation, Jake is an avid sports enthusiast, and enjoys reading, cooking, and running. While he is just getting into skiing recently, he hopes his new role at Snowvation will eventually enable him to keep up with the team on the slopes.

Elizabeth Jaworski