Launching Dynamic Pricing and the OS Price Calendar

Today, Only Sky is pleased to announce the general release of our new dynamic pricing tools for current and prospective OS partners around the world. This powerful feature built right into the OS dashboard enables ski areas, resorts, schools, and other activity providers on the OS platform to 1) maximize revenue with robust dynamic pricing tools and 2) increase eCommerce conversion rates with a familiar and intuitive new pricing calendar.

Partner ski areas, ski schools, and more have been using the OS platform to sell everything from season passes to lift tickets, ski lessons, summer activities, and much more, in a unified and best of breed eCommerce experience. Previous functionality in OS already included the ability for partners to sell products at different prices for different times of day, different days of weeks, and different times of year. Now, partners will be able to grow revenue further by creating supply-based pricing tiers for any products in the OS platform.

For example, perhaps your business wants to offer a 20% discount to the first 50 people who purchase a lift ticket, or a ski lesson, on a slow mid-season weekday. With our latest feature release, you can incentivize customers to pre-book in advance, and leverage our tools to automatically increase the price of products in your eCommerce experience once the supply in one tier has sold fully. You can even create multiple tiers to drive further urgency to purchase and convert more visitors to your website into actual paying customers

On top of our dynamic pricing release comes the latest update to our eCommerce experience: the pricing calendar. The pricing calendar enables customers to view different prices and availability per product across multiple dates, enabling them to quickly and easily navigate your offerings and checkout without needing to search dates individually. Click here to see the pricing calendar in action at one of our newest partner sites, Bogus Basin, in Idaho!

Further, unlike other platforms, our dynamic pricing tools are completely managed and optimized by your business and your team. We pride ourselves on providing businesses with the most powerful tools to sell your products and manage your business. But, we won’t tell you how to price your products (you know your customers better than we do), nor will we resell your products at different prices through our own website.

All current OS partners are now live automatically with our new pricing calendar tool. Contact your account manager now to enable dynamic pricing too!

Elizabeth Jaworski