Meet the New Standard in Resort Activity Booking

Snowvation, the fastest growing resort activity booking and management platform, is pleased to announce the release of its latest version of e-commerce technology. Snowvation's new user experience offers resorts and resort guests a crisp and seamless single page booking experience for all resort activities and products. 

Guests can browse real time product availability on any date, without entering any customer information. Inventory updates live, and resorts will never leave business on the table again by underselling. First time users can proceed through the entire experience without needing to create an account, and booking a single activity for a guest can take as little as 20 seconds. Returning guests simply enter their email address to pull up their entire account history and associated party members, allowing repeat visitors to quickly rebook their favorite activities at resorts.

"A core principle of our work at Snowvation is collecting actionable feedback from our resort partners across the globe. This Winter, we gathered feedback from hundreds of end users at resorts and visitors to resorts, to fine tune the Snowvation booking experience. As a result, the new user experience is representative of consumer buying behavior from a broad range of users across multiple geographies and various resort types and offerings, allowing our partner resorts to maximize conversion and drive online sales growth" said Michael Stocker, CEO at Snowvation. "Resorts shouldn't make it difficult for guests to give them their money, and with Snowvation's new e-commerce experience, it is now easier than ever."

Snowvation has processed over 10,000 successful online payments this ski season alone at just a couple dozen resorts, and millions of dollars in transactions for its partner resorts across the globe. Snowvation's new e-commerce experience is currently live for online booking at all partner resorts, and will be available to new resorts heading into Winter 2018-19, as well as new resorts on Snowvation's Summer Platform in Summer 2018.

Book now at Snowvation partner resorts around the world, such as Rusutsu in Japan, Sundance Resort in Utah, or Crotched Mountain in New Hampshire.

To learn more, and bring your resort into the modern era of e-commerce, please contact us at to request a demo.

Elizabeth Jaworski