Announcing New Features to Make Everyone's Lives Easier

One of Snowvation's goals is to minimize the amount of time a guest spends inside prior to getting on the snow. Or, in a perfect world, to enable the guest to arrive at the resort and get on the snow immediately. No guest wants to wait in line, fill out paperwork, answer questions, and waste time standing around in their gear.

This is why Snowvation is delighted to announce several new features aimed at eliminating tedious steps in guest check-in, to allow our partner resorts a seamless guest experience from booking to lesson-start and beyond. 

Online Waivers - Waivers & releases of liability are a paper-heavy, cumbersome, but absolutely important part of every activity your resort offers. Waivers aren't going away anytime soon (thanks lawyers), but filing cabinets full of waivers and copies flying all over the place while guests try to sign with their big mittens on, that's going away. Snowvation has released the ability for partner resorts to upload any number of variations of waivers on a per product, activity, or resort basis. Waivers are e-signed, and the guest's name, DOB, and a timestamp of their acceptance are all recorded and easily searchable by resort administrators in the event that a signed waiver needs to be printed off. The technology behind waivers & e-signatures is simple, and there's no need, in 2018, to pay a company (we won't name names, yet) dedicated to online PDFs for a service so simple, but so essential to the operation.

Guest Questionnaires - Activities at your resort are dynamic and nuanced between season, discipline, age, etc. There is often a lot of information you want to collect from guests, and Snowvation's team can't name every possible question. That's why we've released a robust tool to allow partners complete control over guest data. Create any question, in a variety of formats: multiple choice questions for ability levels, free-form text questions for goals of the visit, and so on. Your guest data matters and the new guest questionnaires allow you the flexibility to capture as much as you desire, again on a per-activity, per-product (i.e. only kid's programs need to select a lunch option) or per-resort basis. Easily search historical answers from your guests and track their evolution as a customer at your resort.

Post Transaction - Perhaps most important, online waivers and guest questionnaires now occur post-transaction with Snowvation. While capturing e-signatures and answers to private lesson questionnaires are important, collecting payment from the guest is first and foremost. As part of our overhauled e-commerce experience, we now offer a rapid process in just a few steps from product selection to entering the credit card for payment. Once payment has been processed, we can now add a few extra steps such as waivers and questions, for the guest to complete before receiving their full online confirmation. 

In Summary, we're pleased to release this breadth of new features. It's time for guests to have the effortless experience they desire while allowing your resort to capture payment and check all the necessary boxes before the guest ever sets foot in your resort. 1) Select items 2) Pay 3) Sign Waiver 4) Answer Questions 5) Arrive at the resort and get on the snow!

Elizabeth Jaworski