AlpineMojo (Verbier, CH x Nendaz, CH)-Our Only Sky Story

The AlpineMojo team, Oli Partrick (far left), Sega Fairweather (middle), and Eliott Gates, Ski School Director (far right).

The AlpineMojo team, Oli Partrick (far left), Sega Fairweather (middle), and Eliott Gates, Ski School Director (far right).

We spoke with Ski School Director, Eliott Gates from AlpineMojo about his experience working with Only Sky.  AlpineMojo is located in beautiful Verbier & Nendaz, Switzerland.  The AlpineMojo team launched the Only Sky software in 2018 and have been using it for their entire 2018/2019 ski season.

“Only Sky really spent the time to understand AlpineMojo’s needs before creating a platform to work perfectly for us. This involved creating only 1 system and dashboard, but that could service multiple resorts, a unique set up that was truly tailored to our specific needs.”

-Eliott Gates, Director of Ski School, AlpineMojo

Tell us about AlpineMojo and your ski school...  

AlpineMojo is a ski school based in the 4 valleys in Switzerland.  We provide ski and snowboard tuition to a wide range of clients. Being based in multiple resorts means our demographic spreads from young children, to advanced off piste skiers and snowboarders.


Can you tell us about your experience and your guests’ experiences using Only Sky's booking software?

As a technophobe I was looking for a system that did everything but would be very simple to use. I spent a number of hours going through the system with Jake, Only Sky’s Head of Product, to get it all set up.  He and the team made sure I was happy with the operational side of things.

For me, originally it was the online booking and sales system that I was taking full advantage of as it was effortlessly generating new business for the school as people were really enjoying the ease of booking. As we attract guests from all around the world there can sometimes be a language barrier on the phone, so the ease and hassle-free way of booking online was a big hit.

How has your staff responded to a new booking and operations system?

I have found that my staff are really enjoying seeing their planning for the season and the convenience of them having all the clients details to hand. The online planning has made my job a lot less stressful and instructors are feeling fully prepared when they arrive for lessons as they know exactly the level the guests are.

What kind of results have you seen while using Only Sky's booking software?

“This season we have seen an increase of 18% in new guests using the ski school compared to this time last year.”

-Eliott Gates, Director of Ski School

Since we started using the software in late 2018, we have seen a huge rise in the number of new guests skiing with AlpineMojo.  We had a group of guests from Vietnam during New Year’s who booked every instructor in the school for a week with a few clicks of the mouse. The instant booking option and the short lead time we have set makes the booking process quick and easy.


How did you originally hear about Only Sky and what did your booking system look like prior to using Only Sky’s software?

I was emailed by the Only Sky team to see if we would be interested in a demonstration of the system. Personally I have very limited knowledge of IT and systems so I asked my business partner Jordan who has lots of experience to connect with the Only Sky team and see the system in use.  

Previous to the Only Sky booking system we were not using a system only Excel and an oversized wall calendar.

What is the biggest problem that Only Sky's booking software solves for you?

Being based in multiple resorts with the same instructors working in all resorts it really helps to separate  the clients and makes the planning very easy to define in which resort the lessons are.


What has your experience been like working with the Only Sky Team?

I have only had positive experiences; no adjustment was too much trouble , and any queries were dealt with immediately. Michael and Jake also dedicated over 3 hours of their time on a visit to Nendaz, Switzerland to ensure that the team and I were comfortable understanding and using the system.


What would you tell someone who was thinking about using Only Sky's booking software for their company?

“I would highly recommend the system as it is all encompassing.  It has allowed us to reach clients from around the world and bring them to our resort.”

-Eliott Gates, Ski School Director at AlpineMojo